The Communications Committee is responsible for the adequate dissemination of information to the community. The Committee designs and maintains the website and newsletter. The Committee also provides a email service via the website for use by the community.
Chairperson: OPEN
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Approves exterior modifications to homes in accordance with the Spring Lakes Declaration and Covenants rules, regulates external design, signage, appearance, use, and upkeep of the property. Also inspects properties for resale, as required by Virginia law.
Chairperson: Paul Stein
covenants @

Finance and Budget
Monitors financial status of Spring Lakes HOA. Reviews funding requests of all committees, prepares annual budget for approval by Board of Directors. Does not disperse any funds.
Chairperson: OPEN
finance @

Open Space
Reviews maintenance and upkeep of common areas and open spaces and promotes the protection of tree save areas.
Chairperson: Kelli McKay
openspace @

Oversees recreational areas within the community, excluding the pool, as well as promotes athletic and other activities for the community, including the Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Parade to name a few.
Chairperson: OPEN
recreation @

Oversees and addresses safety issues throughout the community, including the Community Watch Program.
Chairperson: Open
safety @

Oversees and handles all pool-related matters, including but not limited to the pool managment company, maintenance and Swim Team.
Chairperson: John Kilmartin
pool @

There are two types of committees: standing committees and ad hoc committees. The standing committees include Finance, Covenants, Communications, Open Space, Safety, and Recreation. These committees are general in nature and are responsible for a broad range of activities.

The ad hoc committees are more specialized and exist to deal with specific issues. Current ad hoc committees include Transition and Election.

Task forces are similar to ad hoc committees in that they are formed to deal with a specific issue and have a focus that is more limited than that of an ad hoc committee. All committees and task forces have a charter, which describes their purpose. All operate by the rules and procedures that have been established by the Board of Directors. All are advisory in nature; that is, they propose items to the Board of Directors, who in turn decide what action is to be taken. All have regularly scheduled meetings and all have a period in every agenda for the residents of the community to make comments. All residents of Spring Lakes who are in good standing with the Proprietary are eligible to be a member of any committee or task force. To volunteer for a committee, please email