2014 Swim Team Options & Snow and More Snow

2014 Swim Team Option

As you may know, Spring Lakes has had a summer swim team since the start of our community.   We’ve been fortunate to have had a core group of dedicated parents/residents who have run this program over the past 10+ years. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

In talking with numerous Spring Lakes parents, it seems as though there is still a high level of interest in providing our children with a summer swim team opportunity. Due to limited time and resources, it is not feasible for the Dolphins to have a Spring Lakes-based team this year. However, we have spoken to the board members of Lakes of Red Rock and they have excitedly welcomed our children/families to join their team!

If you think you would be interested in registering for the swim team and/or want to be on the swim team email distribution list to get updates, please take a minute to complete this quick survey (Click Here for Swim Team Survey).  Completing this survey will help guide decisions around the upcoming season.


This is a tremendous amount of snow for our neighborhood and we are very pleased that the streets – both the private streets the HOA is responsible for and the public streets VDOT is in charge of – seem clear and passable. We will review any areas that need additional attention later today and into tomorrow, including common area sidewalks. Please remember that homeowners are responsible for clearing the sidewalks on their property.

If there are any issues we need to be made aware of, please email us at SLBoard@slhoa.org.


The Spring Lakes HOA Board of Directors is in need of additional Board Members. If you are interested in serving your community please email us at president@slhoa.org. It is a rewarding and critical role for our community.

Additionally, we need volunteers to serve on various committees. For an updated list of opportunities and responsibilities, please click here.